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My name is Stephen Gane I am sixty five years old, I left school when I was fourteen with no qualifications and the feeling I was stupid. I first worked as an apprentice chef in a hotel. I was there for five years, I worked in various kitchens and hotels throughout The UK, I had a two year spell working for P & O on a cruise liner where I travelled the world. I ended up working in London as head chef of The Sloane Club just off Sloane Square. In the mid 1980s I became a self employed antique dealer and followed that career more or less until I retired last year. I am dyslexic and have difficulty with words, I have found it hard to read books all my life and as far as I can remember I have only read 5 novels in my entire life. I had absolutely no ambition to write a novel. Then over Christmas and The New Year of 2013/2014 I had a very bad infection and was prescribed strong antibiotics by my Doctor. I think this was the cause of the dream I had, I saw the vivid beginning of the novel I have just written. I wrote my novel in seven weeks and three days , writing almost non stop and now my novel is finished. I know this sounds odd but it is the truth, I have no writing skills, I have never been on any writing courses and until this year have never written a story of any kind.